Business Opportunity: Brazil


Brazil has become one of the most promising upcoming markets for photovoltaic energy systems, from residential applications to utility scale power plants.

Photovoltaic energy is expected to follow a similar path as wind energy. Over the last years the Brazilian government and its related agencies created a regulatory framework for photovoltaic energy which paves the way both for utility scale and decentralized generation.


Large power plants can sell the generated electricity through centralized and regulated tender processes. An exclusive tender for photovoltaic energy has been performed in october 2014 and a subsequent is announced for Q1 2015


Commercial and residential customers benefit from a net metering regulation, allowing self consumption of solar electricity. This is particularly attractive because electricity prices are the highest for these segments.


Additionally self consumption and backup supply based on renewable energy starts playing an increasing role since companies see the possibility of cheaper and more reliable energy supply. The development of energy storage systems at a tearing pace will also contribute to the development of this market.


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  • Multi-language local professionals with international management background 
  • Long standing partner network in the photovoltaic industry and in Brazil 
  • Excellence in Project Management 
  • In-depth sector expertise for the photovoltaic industry and the Brazilian market 
  • Project development know how for utility scale power plants (regulatory, contractual, due diligence) 
  • Market development for decentralized generation (marketing planning, channel development etc.) 


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